23.12.2012 Merry christmas and a happy new year!

We are waiting for snow and winter temperatures. Until then one autumn photos of Athos, Best and their best friend BeeBee:


28.11.2012 Some news :)

We are waiting for snow and winter temperatures. Until then one autumn photos of Athos, Best and their best friend BeeBee:

Another daughter of Athos was xrayed with wonderful results. Chenoa vom Himmelblau has HD:A/A, ED:0/0.

Lately I am not showing a lot as I am waiting for Athos to become a veteran :) He finished titles I wanted him to finished (JCH SLO, JCH CRO, JCH Serbia in Črna Gora, CH SLO, CH CRO, CH BIH, Ch A, CH INT), so now we are witing him to turn 8 years to show himself in veteran class. So showing BeeBee, as her Nina was in London, was just perfect for me. Last weekend in September I and Neca went to International dog show in Tulln. Me and BeeBee did great and result was: Devael Absolutely Beautiful won junior class out of 4 females, gained title Jugendsieger and finished her Junior champion of Austria title. One photo of this beauty from one of shows:



15.9.2012 Amaizing 10 days on island Vir!

3 years ago we had a wonderful vacation on Vir, so we decided to repeat it also this year :) We were there in first week of September with Neca, Matej and 3 swissies Nuba, Diva and Val. Yes, you saw it right, we had 5 big dogs with us, all were living in same apartment without any problems. We had an apartment in the first row from sea, with a big fenced yard for our dogs. Just perfect! Also other apartments were full of families with small children, but everyone liked our doggies :) Of course, our dogs are well socialized and behaved! We had an amazing weather all the time with nice temperatures for dogs. On sunday, which should be our last day, also Nina and Aljoša came to have their vacation, so I, Athos and Best decided to stay for 2 more days. Athos and Best got another company, BeeBee and Taj. It was an amazing and unforgetable time for us! Hope to repeat it soon. Some moments were caught on pictures:

We did swimm:

Taj and Best Athos, Best, BeeBee and Taj Athos
Best Best shaking  

getting some suntani:

Best Athos Best and Athos
Athos, BeeBee and Best 2 beautiful ladies and 2 gorgeous gentlemans Athos
All 7 :) Athos Best

and just had a great time:

Athos resting Athos, me and Best Me, Matej and Neca
Best friends Babysitting our favourite toy! Soooo tired after swimming!
Best, please, play with me! Company of first week :)  


5.8.2012 Water fun :)

In this really hot hot summer we spent as much time as possible near rivers or at the seaside just to make boys comfortable. They love it - swimming, running around and diving - that is a perfect life :) I am posting some fabolous photos of water fun (all taken by Nina Bešter).

Iški Vintgar with BeeBee and border collies Phoebe and Free :)

Athos,Best,Phoebe,Free,BeeBee Swimming all together Group shot again :)
Best retrieving Athos running to catch Wubba! Athos preparing to dive... :)
BeeBee, Athos and Phoebe Athos was just diving :)  


Some field running on Mengeško polje:

Athos, BeeBee and Best My sweet Besti! Best again :)
I will catch you, BeeBee! Best and BeeBee playing :) Best and BeeBee playing :)
Besti! 2 sweethearts :) 2 sweethearts :)


And cooling off in Kamniška Bistrica:

3 most beautiful bernese! Besti! Just throw it!
BeeBee and Athos BeeBee and Athos Athos looking for some stones!
Athos swimming :) My 2 crazy boys :) Again Athos and beeBee
... ... Best waiting for a toy :)


We also received some new photos of offspring of Athos: Isis vom schönen Schwarzatal, Carynthia's Arctic Sun, Jerry-Nico vom schönen Schwarzatal and Kratos vom schönen Schwarzatal.



2.6.2012 So many news!

It's been a long time since we updated our website, but a lot of things happened meanwhile. We added some new photos of offspring of Athos, we visited some shows and so did also some sons and daughters of Athos.

Hugo Brugalski already visited 2 shows. For the first time he was admired by the judge at international dog show in Zagreb, where he got very promissing 1 and BOB baby. With the same result he showed himself on CACIB Varaždin. Judge really liked him and description says it all: quality puppy of excellent type, substance and balance; pleasing head and expression; dark eyes; strong bones and pasterus; correct markings; moves very well for age.

We participated on 2 shows with Athos. The first one was a national dog show on Rijeka, where Athos got excellent 2 and r.CAC in champion class. Also Athos's daughter Hailey was there and gained excellent in intermediate class. For Homer Brugalski CAC Rijeka was his first show in puppy class and he got very promissing 1 and BOB puppy.

At the end od may we participated on national dog show in Hrušica. Athos got excellent 1 and CAC in champion class. For the first time Hilton Brugalski was shown and got very promissing 1 and BOB puppy. There was also Haidi Brugalska who was just admiring us from outside of the ring. Athos and BeeBee (Devael's Absolutely Beautiful) also competed in brace competition and got 3rd place!.:)

We also have some excellent health results from offspring of Athos. Hailey and Havana both got excellent xrays results, HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free. Hailey also passed breeding exam at the end of march with excellent evaluation. Her owner Urška is planning Hailey's first litter at the end of this year. The same xra y result, HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free, also got Athos's son Charly vom Himmelblau. I hope also some other offspring of Athos will be xrayed soon.

Athos Bernieshine celebrated already his 7th birthday on 4.5.. Athos is still a little bit crazy, laud, full of energy and also gentle. We wish him health and a lot of crazy moments :)


8.2.2012 First snow!

We finally got it - snow :) :) On a beautiful wednesday morning we went for a doggy walk with Nina, Neca, 3 bernese and 2 swissy girls :). Some photos:

Athos, 6years and 10months Atos Atos posing
Action! Atos Atos
Best, 5 years Best posing Atos and Best - playing!
Atos in Best - playing! Best and BeeBee Best and BeeBee
Best and BeeBee Devael's Absolutly Beautiful BeeBee, Best and Athos
Run, Run fast as you can! All 5 dogs posing :) Me and my boys!


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