22.12.2010 Terrible accident :(

Life is so unfair... Moonlight was about to deliver her puppies, but tragical accident happened.... She was hit by a car and although c-section was done as quick as possible all 9 puppies died... We are all so terrible shaken and canno't believe. And like this is not enough, Moony had to be euthanised beacuse of her spine injury... Life is really cruel and unfair. Please, be greateful for each moment you are aworded with your dogs' company.


14.12.2010 Best's 4th birthday!

Can not believe how time goes.... Best celebrated his 4th birthday these days. I still remember him from the litter, playing with his 5 brothers and 2 sisters. He is a special bernese with very soft character. We wish him a lot of playful and naughty days :)

Finally I can share with you a link to commercial with Athos playing in it. It is really tiny part, so please pay attention especially at the very beginning. :: HERE ::


28.11.2010 First snow!! :)

First snow is here any boys love it! Here are some photos from one of our morning walks with cousin Urša and her 3 dogs-Tim (Great swiss mountain dog), Zoya (Cavalier king charles spaniel) and Pika (mix).


We got some great news from Croatia. Aron (Kiki von der Genigau X Athos Bernieshine) is HD: A/A, ED:0/0 and OCD free. :) On saturday he also passed breeding exam so he is now available as stud dog.

Carynthia's Arctic Sun participated in International dog show in Vrtojba. He was in intermedia class and got excellent 1, but was this time not rewarded with CAC.





Some autumn photos by Nina Bešter :)


And a happy news: Moonlight is pregnant! :) For more informations please visit homepage of a breeder: HERE.



These days Athos mated a really nice slovenian bitch Moonlight. Moony is coming from Slap near Idrijca. Her mother is Alma and her father is Ike v.Gabiar. Her hips and elbows are perfect: HD:A/A, ED:0/0. For more informations please visit homepage of a breeder: HERE. If mating was successful, Santa Claus will bring babies :)


Few days ago I was shooting a commercial with Athos. :) Athos had a smaller part, but was fantastic. I can't wait to get a video to share it with you.



On saturday, 9.10.2010, we participated in agility match in Ljubljana. Athos had a great time, but unfortunately our runs weren't the best ones. It will be better next time! Some photos by Maja Rokavec:


On 30.9.2010 Athos became grandfather for the first time! He is 5 years and 6 months, but still full of energy and enthusiasm. His daughter Iduna vom schönen Schwarzatal gave birth to 5 males and 2 females. More info HERE.




On wednesday, 29.9.2010, we participated on speciality show for bernese mountain dogs, organized by SKBPP. Males were judged by Michael Forte and females by Istvánne Juhász. Athos was entered in champion class, where he got excellent. :) A big thx to Nina for great handling of my boy :)

Junior club winner 2010 (male), BOB Junior and BOB went to a very young male (16 months) GhostReider From Orsina's Land (breeder and owner Darja Kožamelj).

Junior club winner 2010 (female) became Conte Veneto Hattie Ella. Club winner 2010 (male) went to a male from champion class Sennenhund Rossi Djames Bond, club winner 2010 (female) went also to a female from champion class Vogue z Deikowey Doliny, best veteran was Dyami vom Burgselli.



On thursday, 30.9.2010, there was an European dog show in Celje. Athos wasn't showed, but I was there. There were 75 males and 60 females entered (males and BOB were judged dy danish judge Svend Lovenkjaer and females were judged by norwegian judge Espen Engh):

European junior winner 2010, BOB Junior and BOB again went to amazing young male GhostReider From Orsinas's Land (breeder and owner Darja Kožamelj). Later in BIS he also got rBIS Junior of FCI II.

European junior winner 2010 (female) became Conte Veneto Hattie Ella, european winner 2010 (male) Odysseus, european winner 2010 (female) High Oaks Morwenna and Best veteran Pepenero del Sacro Fiume.


Still available is this cute boy Aliot. His mother is Aika and father Athos Bernieshine. Both parents are free of hip and elbow dysplasia. Contact: 00-386-41- 389-422.





We have a new champion! :) Athos received his last CACA in Tulln and became Austrian champion in beauty :) We are soo proud :) One photo, not from this show, but still ....


Still available are these two cute boys, Aliot and Ares. Their mother is Aika and father Athos Bernieshine. Both parents are free of hip and elbow dysplasia. Contact: 00-386-41- 389-422.





On saturday, 4.9.2010, we participated on agility match at KD Krim. Atos run perfectly in jumping, but was disqualified becaues of my mistake in agility. Best was number 24 at the end in A1/J1 large. His runs were not so good :)Thank you Katja Lenarčič and Anja Hren for wonderful pics of my boys :)




On sunday I visited Athos's puppies in kennel von Himmelblau. Puppies are 8 weeks old, extremely open towards strangers, full of energy and also naughty :) It is being taken care for their socializiation in a perfect way, they really have a big playground, where they can discover and teach different things. They are used to collars and leashes, they love to drive with a car and they are visiting puppy school in a week. They are soon leaving in new homes. Their profiles :): Caito, Charly, Churchill, Cleo, Coco and Chenoa.


Still available are these two cute boys, Aliot and Ares. Their mother is Aika and father Athos Bernieshine. Both parents are free of hip and elbow dysplasia. Contact: 00-386-41- 389-422.




Carynthia's Arctic Sun - Arki (Athos Bernieshine x Ruby Tuesday)visited his first show yesterday. He was great in ring and earned excellent and title CAC! :) Congratulations!


Breeder of bernese mountain dogs from Italy Silvana Vogel Tedeschi wrotea b ook about this wonderful breed with title Bernese Mountain Dog Yesterday and Today! You can see here front and back cover. More informations on: info@bernertenno.it


Some puppies from Athos are still looking for a nice home (father Athos Bernieshine, HD:A/A, ED:0/0):

1.) mother: Aika (HD:A/A; ED:0/0); breeder Branko Jalovec; puppies born on 20.4.2010; 4 males and 1 female in litter; 2 males still available: Aliotand Ares; contact: 00-386 -41-389-422

2.) mother: Amelie vom Schloss Waldreichs (HD:A/A, ED:0/0, OCD free); breeder Simone Url (Austria): puppies born on 12.7.2010; 3 males and 3 females in the litter; 1 male Churchill is still available; more informations on homepage of kennel von Himmelblau; contact on simone.url@aon.at





On sunday, 15.8.2010, we took part in agility 4fun match in Kamnik. After 6 months both my boys competed :) First run was pretty terrible, Athos was too excited to think with his head and Best scared the bridge because it was wayving:) The second run was almost perfect, they both passed it with no bigger mistakes :) Me and Athos were placed number 6 at the end :) I am so proud on him. I hope this year we'll train more and also compete more often :)

Athos in action (foto: Grega Podobnik):


3 puppies-males from combination Athos Bernieshine and Aika (born on 20.4.2010) are still looking for a nice home. Puppies are of course with pedigree, vacinated 2 times and socialized. For more informations please contact us: atosbest@gmail.com



Puppies in kennel von Himmelblau are 5 weeks old today :) I received some wonderful pics from the breeder. Puppies are extremely playful and nice. 2 males are still available for loving homes. More information on homepage of kennel von Himmelblau.

Pictures from each of them are here: Churchill, Caito, Charly, Coco, Cleo, Chenoa. And below are some mixed photos:):





Last week we visited Jessi, daughter of Athos (Jessi vom schönen Schwarzatal). This girl has a lot of energy and is enyoing life with her nice familiy. :)


3 puppies from combination Kibela and Athos Bernieshine are still available for loving homes. They are 10 weeks old. Hooch, Havana and Hera are still looking for a nice place to stay. For more informations please contact us.


We received new photos from Hailey, who lives in Krško now. :)




Puppies in kennel von Himmelblau are growing. They are 18 days old and they have already opened their eyes. Their are called Churchill, Caito, Charly for males and Coco, Cleo, Chenoa for females.


3 puppies from combination Kibela and Athos Bernieshine are still available for loving homes. They are 10 weeks old. Hooch, Havana and Hera are still looking for a nice place to stay. For more informations please contact us.




And we have it, photos from puppies from Austria :) They are 10 days old on pictures. After a week one male crossed the rainbow bridge :( Now there are 3 males and 3 females. More information about the litter: kennel von Himmelblau.




Isis vom schönen Schwarzatal is celebrating 22 months. Happy birthday beauty! :)




Today we got a visit: puppies from Nikky came to see, how their dad is doing :) Athos was suprisingly not affraid of little bears :) 2 males, Hooch and Harley, and 3 females, Havana, Hailey and Hera, are still looking for a new home. If you are interested, please contact us.

------------------------------------Best, Hanna and Athos




Happy news from Austria. Amelie from kennel von Himmelblau gave birth to 7 puppies, 4 males and 3 females. Delivery was easy and with no problems. Mummy and puppies are doing fine, just one male is a little week. Hope he will make it!. Photos are coming....



We visited pupps again and Tina Belc made some portraits of 7 weeks old puppies :)

All together:

Girls: Hailey, Havana, Hera, Hanna

Boys: Hachi, Hooch, Harley



From 23.6. to 4.7. I was in denmark with my friends. At first we visited special show for great swiss mountain dogs and two days later also world dog show, organized in Herning this year. Show was more then brillant, there was a lot of space to pasrk a car, no waiting on the entrance, a lot of space for visitors and finally a huge show rings for our breed :) As I decided to go on WDs at the last moment, Atos and Best stayed at home with my mom. I saw a great number of beautiful bernese and finally met some breeders I was in contact with only through emails. It was fantastic. After the show we decided to stay another week at Denmark to visit some sightseeing. We saw Legoland, Zoo with Safari, Castle Egeskov, well known town Jelling, Open Air museum in Arhus. Trip was great and i hope we will soon have chance to repat it. My friend Neca from kennel Karantanska is preaparing report with a lot of pictures!

On tuesday, 6.6.2010, I visited puppies from Athos and Nikky. They are 7 weeks old and some of them are still looking for a nice home. More info on Nikky's site. This time puppies felt for the first time river Iška and they were all very brave. they went into the water without problems. They are all very open with nice character.




First offspring of Athos is Junior champion. Aron got his last Junior winner title on international dog show in Varaždin and became Junior Champion of Croatia! :) Congrats to the owner! :)


Finally I visited puppies from Aika- They are more then 8 weeks old already and 3 boys are still looking for a nice home. Pedigree and some infos of parents ::HERE::.


New photos from puppies (Athos x Nikky); they are24 days old at these photos. Big thanks to Tina for making such cute photos!




And we received great news from Austria: Amelie vom Schloss Waldreichs, mated naturally with Athos on 11. and 13th May, is pregnant. Puppies are expected on July 13th. More informations on homepage of kennel von Himmelblau.


Great news!! Isis vom schönen Schwarzatal is HD, ED and OCD free!! :)


Aron, son of Athos and Kiki, visited national show in Velika Gorica. He got excellent 1 and title Junioer winner. He needs one more to become junior champion of Croatia! Congratulations to his owner Lana :)

Puppies from Athos and Nikky :

 ------------- ----------------Hachi





-------------------------------------------- Hailey



We visited Carynthia's Athos Junior - calling name Atos :)


Carynthia's Ace Ventura (Athos Bernieshine x Ruby Tuesday) won excellent 1, PRM (junior winner) and BOB junior on international dog show in Portorož. This time Ace behaved very well. Congrats to his owner! :)


Me and Tina visited puppies from Athos and Nikky. They are doing fine and some of them are already opening their eyes. :) More info on Nikky's site.

------------------------------------ --- males

 ------------- ----------------------------Hachi






-------------------------------------------- Hailey



Me and Neca went ot Golica. We had a really good time. :)



Atos, Best, Nuba and Diva


Today was a wonderful day :) We have 3 great news to share with you :)

Nikky (pedigree name Kibela) gave birth to 8 puppies, 5 females and 3 males. Unfortunately one girl didn't make it, but the rest of them are doing just fine. I am so happy for almost perfect colours on the puppies, because on this combination my biggest concern was too much white because both parents have more white. But at the end puppies are almost perfectly coloured. :) More info on Nikky's site.

----------------------------------------- Males

 ------------------- -Hachi ----------------------------------------------Hooch




 ---------------------Hera --------------------------------------------Havana

-------------------- Hailey -------------------------------------------Hanna

We received photos from 4 weeks old puppies from Aika and Athos. For more informations, please contact us. Female and 2 males are still looking for a new home. Pedigree and some infos of parents ::HERE::.

 -----------------Aliot Bramiti -----------------------------------Amor Bramiti


 ------------Antes Bramiti ------------------------------------Ares Bramiti

 ----------Angie Bramiti

And 3.great news: Athos and Isis, together on picture, taken by Maja Rokavec, won 1st place on contest for best Bernese picture, organized by online shop with bernese decorations Berner Treasures (voting was on facebook). Thx Helena for sending picture! :)


On tuesday, 11.5., and wednesday, 12.5., we successfully naturally mated bitch from Austria Amelie vom Schloß Waldreichs. If the mating was successful, puppies are expected in the middle of july. For more informations please visit homepage of kennel von Himmelblau.

--------------------------------------------------Amelie and Athos 


We visited 1.national dog show CAC Barje. 2 offspring of Athos were shown, Carynthia's Ace Ventura and Carynthia's Amber Rose, and they both got excellent in junior class. This was their first show, so they need a lot of show training :).

 --------------------Carynthia's Ace Ventura - Ace


 ----------------------Carynthia's Amber Rose - Missy


Today Athos is celebrating his 5th birthday :) We wish him many healthy years. He birngs joy and happiness into our home every day!

On sunday, 2.5.2010, we received sad news. Astor, brother from Athos, crossed the rainbow bridge. We are so sorry.:(


New photos of Aika's puppies :)

For more informations please contact us: atosbest@gmail.com. Pedigree and some infos of parents ::HERE::.


Today we went ot Gorenjska to visit 2 daughters of Athos, Ajka and Isis. We had a great time :) Some pics you can see here, more on the site of Isis and Ajka.

---------------------------------------------Athos, me and Best :)

----------------------------- Atos, Best, Ajka

---------------------------------------------Atos, Best, Ajka

------------------------------------------------Saša and Ajka

----------------------------------------Isis, Helena andMond

--------------------------------------Ajka, Atos, Isis, Best

---------------------Daughters of Athos:: Isis vom schönen Schwarzatal and Ajka

- -------------------------------------Ajka with her dad Athos

------------------------------ Athos in the middle, Ajka left and Isis right

------------------------------------Some actoin











Aika, bred by Athos, gave birth to 1 female and 4 males this night:). Puppies are heavy, 520 g (3 boys), 540 g (girl) and 580 g (the last boy). Mummy and puppies are doing just fine. Photos:

For more informations please contact us: atosbest@gmail.com. Pedigree and some infos of parents ::HERE::.


Me and Helena went to Austria, Preding, where a breeding exam for bernese mountain dogs took place. Iduna vom schönen Schwarzatal, Athos's daughter, also participated in it and has done very well: she passed character test without any problems, she showed that she is stabile, has no fear to gun shots and has right bernese character. In Austria besides exterior a dog has to successfully pass also character test.

Here is just one photo of Idi, more you can see at her page:


Breeding exam in Austria is different from ours, there is a lot of emphasis to character of berneses. Whole exam in words and pictures you can see here (sorry, only in slovene language this time :) :: HERE ::.


Wonderful, sunny saturday :) We spent it in Carynthia, exactly in Črna na Koroškem. We had a familiy meeting in kennel Carynthia's. We met with some of Athos's offspring from litter with Ruby Tuesday. Although they had 9 puppies, only 4 came this time: Ace, Atai, Arki and Missy. They are all developing nice :) Also Melly, lenny and Best were at the meeting. Dogs enyoed last pieces of snow and some of them swam in the lake :) we went for a long walk and then there was a deliciuos lunch served for us. Thank you Eva and the whole Čepin familiy for inviting us and we hope these meetings are going to be a tradition :)


Iduna vom schönen Schwarzatal (Athos Bernieshine x Gäa vom schönen Schwarzatal) was at international dog show in Wieselburg. She competed in middle class and was the only one from 5 bitches that received excellent and title CACA! The judge was Mr.Watschinger Heinz. Congratulations Renate!


Taj and Athos on spring walk:


We added Athos's description. :: HERE::


2 litters of Athos are on the way. Pregnancy of the first bitch Aika (litter expected on 13th of April) is already confirmed, for the second one, Kibela (called Nikky) we have to wait for 4 weeks to be sure (litter expected on 15th of May). Both matings were natural and without problems.

You can see puppys' pedigree and pictures of parents HERE and HERE.

If you are interested in a puppy out of any of these 2 combinations, please contact us on email atosbest@gmail.com


Today again on international show in Zagreb Aron and Idi did it great! Iduna vom schönen Schwarzatal got excellent 3 out of 6 young females and Aron won junior class getting excellent 1 and title Junior winner out of 3 young males. Judge really liked him and description says: excellent type, very strong bones, very good head, strong with a lot of substance, strong bite, typical hair, good colours and pigment, very good presented.

Congrats to the owners! :) Pictures are coming....


Today we visited international show in Zagreb. In hard competition Athos won champion class and received CAC and r.CACIB.:) He was brillant again and showed himself perfectly :) Thank you Nina for handling him! :) Also 2 offspring from Athos were shown, 10 months old Aron, who got excellent 3 in junior class, and Idi, who got excellent in junior class :) Very successful day for us! :)





We added mating statistics! ::HERE::


Great helath results from Iduna vom schönen Schwarzatal. She has HD:A2/A2, ED:0/0 and OCD free :):)


Some gorgeous photos of Athos, Best and Isis (Athos's daughter, 1 and a half years old). Author of photos is Maja Rokavec.




Isis, Best, Athos

Best, Isis

Isis, Athos

Best, Isis


We are planning to mate Athos and Nikky. Puppies will grow in a family environment near river Iška. They will be socialized and of course with pedigree. Father of expected litter is Athos Bernieshine (HD:A/A, ED:0/0) with excellent grade of exterior and character and devided into 1.breeding class. He is also champion of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina and International champion of beauty. Mother's pedigree name is Kibela (calling name Nikky) with excellent results of hips and elbows (HD:A/A; ED:0/0) and very good grade of exterior and devied into 2.breeding class. Nikky also passed Bbh exam. Both parents are of excellent character. For more informations please contact us.

More about fictional litter :: HERE ::


We spent this fantastic, sunny day with Ajka and Abi, 10 months old ladies from combination Athos and Best. They are very playful, so there are just few photos :)


Today we visited Maja Rokavec, who again made some gorgeous pictures of Athos and Best, this time with winter motive :) My favorite pictures you can see here, the othes are in gallery.


All puppies from combination Athos Bernieshine and Lou Windišgretz are in new homes :)


We received wonderful photos from isis vom schönen Schwarzatal. One you can see here, the others are at Isis's site :)

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