First snow!!!! Today we really had a winter fairytail :). It was freezing, but the sun was shinning and we spent almost all day walking around :) We also managed to make some photos :)


Some of Athos's offspring is still looking for a new home:

From combination Lou Windišgretz and Athos Bernieshine (born on 9.10.2009):

male King (more fotos here)

and female Ketty (more fotos here)

For more informations please contact us (atosbest@gmail.com).


New photos of puppies from Athos and Lou :)

For more informations please contact us.

We finally added videos from our agility matches in 2008. Here.


Puppies from combination Athos Bernieshine and Lou Windišgretz are available. Both parents got excellent on exterior evaluation and 1.breeding class. They have great health results: Atos HD:A/A, ED:0/0 and Lu HD:B/A, ED:0/0. Pedigree of puppies you can see here.

Photos of parents:

There are 3 females (Kelly, Ketty, Kitty) and 1 male (King).

For more informations please contact us (atosbest@gmail.com).


We visited Ajka, daughter of Kiki and Athos. Ajka is full of energy wtih strong bones and nice head. Hope she will develope in this direction :) Some of her photos you can see here.


Our photo was chosen for the Photo of the month.!! You can see it here. The website is full of usefull informations about kennels, breeders, studs and litters :) Thank you for choosing us :):)


On beautiful autumn sunny monday we went to the walk on Barje. There were Atos, Best and Taj. Boys really had a great time.

On thursday I went with Best, Tina and Taj to ZOO. Best was not interested in animals, only sea lion was soooo funny for him that he had to watch him a long time. On 2 big pictures you can see his reaction, when sea lion came out of the water :)


Some Athos's photos from the show.

We also received new photos from Inja. Here.


We went to WDS in Bratislava. Bitch Reisenshine degli Antichi Mulini (owned by my good friends Avrelija and Sanja Sivec) became World Champion for 2009. In hard competition she won exc 1, CAC and later also CACIB. Congratulations beauty, you deserved it :)


Finally photos from Iški Vintgar, taken by Maja Rokavec. Enjoy :) Here

Athos became a father again. This time Lou Windišgretz gave birth to 4(1) females and 1(1) males. For more informations, please, contact us.

Here are the puppies 1 week old:


I finally managed to upload the photos from our vacation at the seaside. You can see them a bit lower :)


Athos became a father again :) In kennel vom schönen Schwarzatal Hebe gave birth to 4 wonderful puppies, 1 boy and 4 girls. If you are interested, please contact us (atosbest@gmail.com).


We received some new photos of a litter of Ruby and Athos. Thank you breeder Eva for these photos :) We also received some photos of Abi from her owner. :)


Athos became a father of litter of ten, 7 females and 3 males. They are all doing fine and are correctly marked. You are able to follow the puppies on kennel's homepage . If you are interested in a puppy from this combination, please contact us (atosbest@gmail.com). One photo of mum Gäa with puppies.


This week we spent at the seaside on Croatia coast on island Vir. We were there with Neca and Matej and their swissys Nuba, Diva and Val. We truly had great time, all the dogs were swimming a lot and we had no problems although there were 3 fully mature males. We were completely alone on the beach :) One picture is already here, some other are coming at the end of this weekend.


Gäa and Hebe vom schönen Schwarzatal are both pregnant with my boy Athos Bernieshine and they are expecting puppies at the end of September. Puppies will be born in Austria. For more information please contact us (atosbest@gmail.com) or visit their homepage.


On a sunny hot day we went to Iški Vintgar with Maja Rokavec, who took some amazing pictures of my boys during swimming, diving and runing in the water. Photos are coming soon....


A trip to Iški Vintgar with Neca, Nuba and Diva!


New pictures of Athos's puppies:


Picnic at Most na Soči


We visited Nina, Rina and Vila


New photos of puppies from Athos and Ruby. More...


After a long time we went to agility match, which was organized by kinological club Agility Ilirija. It was a hot summer day, but both my boys were fantastic :) Athos run first, he was great, fast and did only two mistakes - 1 mistake in slalom and only one ruined stick :). Also Best was great, he didn't even scared the swing (although I think he didn't even realised, that it is a swing :), he was quite fast for him as well. They both did great job at second run, but the entrance in to the slalom was very hard, so we did quite a lot mistake there. But otherwise all 4 runs were excellent for my boys and also me :) At the end Athos ended at 5th and Best at 6th place. :)

Photo: Rok Dolenec


We visited Athos's youngest daughter Abi.


Today Athos's son Carynthia's Ace Ventura visited us. He is a wonderful puppy with great character. Even Athos played with him. :)


We went to Krn lake. The weather was great, not too hot, at the top of the mountain there was snow and Athos and Best went crazy. Best even went swimming :) We had a great time.


We were at picnic with a lot of bernese mountain dogs. We had a wonderful time talking with old friends and some new. Dogs were good and some of them even swam in the cold river Soča. Here are some pictures:


Iduna von schönen Schwarzatal (Idi) got very prommising on her first show in Mallnitz. Congratulations!


All puppies from combination Athos Bernieshine and Kiki von der Genigau have found new owners.


From combination Athos Bernieshine X Kiki von der Genigau, one puppy is still available - male Aron.

Contact: Slavica Selič - 03/577-72-92 or atosbest@gmail.com


New picures from Athos's son Brik. More...


From combination Athos Bernieshine X Kiki von der Genigau 2 puppies are still available - male Aron and female Ajka.

Contact: Slavica Selič - 03/577-72-92




From combination Athos Bernieshine X Kiki von der Genigau 2 puppies are still available - male Aron and female Ajka.


From combination Athos Bernieshine X Kiki von der Genigau 3 puppies are still available - 2 males and 1 female.

Contact: Slavica Selič - 03/577-72-92


Athos is celebrating his 4th birthday! Happy Birthday! :)


Today we visited puppies of Athos and Kiki... More


First agility competition this year. Athos run great, but was because of me disqualified. Best competed for the first time, he was affraid a little. But in jumping he was truly great, he followed my rules without a problem.


New pictures of puppies from kennel Carynthia's, they are enjoying in their new loving homes. ...More...

Carynthia's Ally McBeal


New website!


Today Athos met his 3 daughters Isis, Iduna and Inja. Girls are much alike and we hardly know which girl is which :)

In the afternoon we visited Maja and her Phoebe. Maja took a lot of gorgeous pictures of my boys, for which I am very grataful. Thank you, Maja, again. ...More...


Kiki von der Genigau has new web site - http://bernka-kiki.webs.com/.


On the walk with Taj.


Sunday was puppy day. We visited Kiki, who gave birth to 4 puppies. Kiki is wonderful mum and she exepted us all well. Also Atos wanted to see his offspring, but was not allowed yet. You can see all of them on pictures. More info about the litter: atosbest@gmail.com.

Then we went to see puppies from Ruby and Athos. There were 9 puppies, their mum and their grandmother. Atos did not want to come close to them. At the end of this week they are already leaving their first home. They are all wonderful with great character. One female Carynthia's Aura Lee is still available.


After a week of rain we went on sunny saturday on Rašica. 2 bernese mountain dogs, 3 stafordshire bull teriers and 1 shar-pei girl. It was fantastic trip, which lasted the whole day. We made some pictures, dogs were running up and down, some of them were also swimming.


Kiki von der Genigau gave birth to 4 puppies, 2 boys and 2 girls. ...More.

More informations: 03/577-72-92 (Slavica Selič) and atosbest@gmail.com

Kiki & Athos


Male puppy Amos Arrubio had already found new loving home.
But female Carynthia's Aura Lee is still avaliable.

Contact: 040 743 527 and kennel.carynthia@gmail.com


New pictures of puppies from kennel Carynthia's... More


One male and one female from A litter in kennel Carynthia's are still available. Carynthia's Amos Arrubio and Carynthia's Aura Lee.

Carynthia's Amos Arrubio

Carynthia's Aura Lee

Contact: 040 743 527 and kennel.carynthia@gmail.com


We were at Velika Planina and enjoyed snow.


One male from A litter in kennel Carynthia's still available. Carynthia's Amos Arrubio!!

Contact: 040 743 527 and kennel.carynthia@gmail.com


At saturday me and Tina visited Kiti (Kiki von der Genigau) who is going to deliver puppies in two weeks. She is already very big and can not wait that puppies come to this world.

Then we also visited  5 weeks old puppies from Ruby and Athos. They are wonderful, with great character and a lot of energy.

Thank you Tina for these wonderful pictures!


New photos of 7 months old Ares, son of Athos and Boba:

New photos of puppies of Athos and Ruby: ...More...


Kiki von der Genigau  is pregnant. Puppies are expected on March 25th. For more information please send an email: atosbest@gmail.com


We were at national show in Celje. Brik got exc 2 in young class. Isis vom schönen Schwarzatal was the first time at the show and did great: she got very promissing in baby class. Later on in BIS program we came between 5 best babies, but we were not placed in the first 3 places.




We went to the walk with swissy girls Nuba and Diva!


Ruby's puppies are 1 week old!


Ruby Tuesday gave birth to 9 puppies, 5 boys and 4 girls.
For more information visit homepage of kennel Carynthia's.


Ruby's belly is already big...


On CACIB Tromostovje I showed Brik. He was judged by Satu Yla-Mononen. He got very promissing and a lot of confirmations from the judge. Description: 9 months, excellent, very promissing, very strong male, correct bite, a bit low earseat, excellent neck, a bit long in body, excellent bones, correct angulations, excellent tailset, a bit curly coat, correct colours, nice temperament. Good luck for the future!

This weekend I also showed stafordshire Bull terrier Bobby (Blade Runner Garlin). He got r.CAC on saturday and CAC, CACIB and BOB on sunday and also finished slovenian championship. Thank you Tanja for entrusting me such a great guy. He truly is fantastic in ring.


Ruby Tuesday is pregnant! The puppies will be born around 5.2.2009. For more information visit homepage of kennel Carynthias.

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