We spent the last day of year 2008 in company of diffrenet dogs. In the morning we went to Kurešček together with Rina, Tim and Zoja. We had a great time eventhough there was not a lot of snow. In the afternoon we visited Nina, Črta and little Tisa and their dogs Brihta (Cane Corso), Smart and Rumba ( golden retrivers). It was fantastic, dogs were running on the fields, playing with snow and catching frisbe. After 2 hours of walking they fall asleep in living room. Thank you Nina and Črt for your kindness.


Today we went together with Nina and Rina to snow trip to Pokljuka. The trip was fast, even though we heard through the radio, that the road can be driven only with snow tires. It was not so, so we happly came to the top. We soon realised, that we are almost alone, which was great for us. Our dogs went crazy, they were running through and eating the snow. We wanted to go to Uskovnica, but the road there was not good, because there was more then 1 meter of snow and it was impossible to walk. We made 100 metres in one hour, because with every our step we were in the snow until our hips. Later on we went to 2 our walk between houses. This street was fine, all the snow was removed and we could walk normally. After 2 hours we went back to our car and Atos, Best and Rina fall asleep immedialety. At the way back we went to visit Helena, who is the owner of Isis, Athos's daughter. The little one is full of energy and maybe that is way Athos is still afraid of her. At the end we stopped at Neca so see the very nice litter of 3 weeks old great swiss mountain dogs. Then we went to short walk with Neca and Nuba and the day was over. It was great, so we will go again.


Best is celebrating his 2nd birthday. Congratulations!


Athos and Best with their friend Nuba on sunday walk!


Brik, Athos's son from his first litter, won BIS Puppy!!!


There are puppies available from combination Athos Bernieshine and Gaa vom Schonnen Schwartzatal. Contact: 00 386 40 549 006 or atosbest@gmail.com


1 male from combination Athos and Boba is still looking for a new home. Contact: 00 386 40 549 006 or atosbest@gmail.com


2 males from combination Athos and Boba are still looking for a new home. Contact: 00 386 40 549 006 or atosbest@gmail.com


Gaa vom Schonnen Schwartzatal gave birth to 7 puppies, 4 females and 3 males. They are all correct marked.


Athos Bernieshine - CACIB Pohorje: exc.2, r.CAC, r.CACIB - INT CH

New photos of puppies! ...More...

CAC Zasavje: Best of the Best Bernieshine - exc.1, CAC


Gaa vom Schonnen Schwartzatal is pregnant!!! Athos will be daddy again - contact: 00436509239396 (Frau Renate, Austria)

8.8. - 16.8.2008  

We spent the whole week at the seaside with Tina, Gašper and airedale terrier Venny. It was more then fantastic, we were swimming the whole week, even Athos, who did not like swimming until know. He was in the water all the time, just little bit resting in the shadow of trees. We slept in the trailer and dogs spent the nights in front of it. They were behaving extremely well, so we had no problems also in the city, when we went to pizza.


Today Boba gave birth to 11 puppies. Unfortunately for 3 of them it was too late. So there are 3 girls and 5 boys. They have around 500 g. More


We had a bernese picnic. There were 14 berneses and 1 labrador retriever. The weather was fantastic, there were no problems betwen dogs and we also ate well. I am so happy to tell you, that Athos was swimming alone without help (video). Now he likes to bring the toys out of the water. About Best - he is crazy on swimming so there was no need of teaching him, how to swim. Here you can see some pictures:


At the one of July Athos will be daddy again. Mummy is Boba. Contact: 040-668-297.


Best passed Bbh exam with 91%. In autumn we will try Rally Obedience.


Athos's puppies. ...More...


Athos is celebrating his 3rd birthday. Congratulations!


CACIB Celje: Athos - CAC, CACIB, BOB - he became Slowenian champion.


Athos has puppies. The proud mummy is Conte Veneto Afrodita. There are 2 boys and 2 girls. They are all correct marked.


Results of HD and ED from Athos's brothers and sisters.


Result of Athos's semen: he is normally capable of mating.


We have visited our first unofficial match. Athos was great, so we will go again.



New website!  


Athos on agility trening!



Athos Bernieshine - new CH CRO.


New website!

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