17.8.2013 New puppies of Athos are on the way :)

With great pleasure we are announcing a new litter of Athos. Puppies should be born around September 10th. Mum of this litter is Madam Ishana, who is living with her family in Domžale. Mating was really nice, natural and without problems. Athos is in a great mating condition despite his age.

Both parenst are great representatives of the breed, they have an amazing bernese character. They are extremely nice to epople and other animals. Athos also passed character test with flying colors and Iša is a therapeutic dog. With her owner Irena they are visiting homes for older and handicapes people.

Athos and Iša are both healthy,they have excellent xray results (Athos HD:A/A, ED:0/0 and Iša HD:B/B, ED:0/0, OCD free - both without any sings of hip or elbow displasia). Both have excellent breeding evaluationOba and Athos is very successful on shows (JCH SLO, JCH CRO, JCH Serbia&Črna Gora, CH A, CH SLO, CH CRO, CH BIH, CH INT).

Puppies are expected around September 10th. They will be ready for their new homes in the second half of November. Puppies will be socialized, checked by veterinarian several times, dewormed and will grow up in family evironment. More info about the litter and pedigree you can find ::HERE::.For more info and reservations please send us an email on galio@siol.net.

Pictures of parents to be :)


Athos Bernieshine
HD A/A - ED 0/0

Madam Ishana "Iša"
HD B/B - ED 0/0 - OCD free


3.8.2013 Different news :)

It's been a long time since we updated our website. :) There is nothing new at our place. In this moment we are dealing with extreme heat. Boys just spent their days lying in the house or swimming in the river or lake.

1.4.2013 another wonderfull litter after my Athos was born. Mum Nikky gave birth to 4 beautiful girls. Unfortunately one little star didn't make it. 3 princesses got their names: Daisy May, Diamond Rose and Dainty Bess. Of unknown reason Diamond Rose crossed the rainbow bridge already with 7 weeks. It was very hard for everyone as she never singed any problems. Dainty Bess went to her new owners in Italy and Daisy May is still looking for her new loving family. For more info about pedigree and parents HERE. For more informations about Daisy please contact breeder Tina Furlan on furlan.tina@gmail.com.

Athos celebrated his 8th! birthday on 4.5.2013 and he is officially a veteran now. Our oldie goldie, as we usually say to him :), is not acting like a veteran at all. He is still doing usual long walks, loves to swimm, visits different places and is just having a lots of fun. What else can I wish for him if not more healthy years in front :) In 2013 he also visited some shows. On 21.4.2013 he got excellent in champion class, being in that class for the very last time. He showed himself with pride and joy! Then he was entered to 4 shows, first time as a veteran:

CAC Hrušica, 28.5.2013: excellent 1, best veteran, BOB

VSSÖ Klubschau in Böheimkirchen, 31.5.2013: excellent 1, best veteran

SKBPP special show for BMP, 1.6.2013: excellent 2

CACIB Bled, 2.6.2013: excellent 1, best veteran, 2nd best male

2 beautiful photos from Athos, when he was perfectly groomed by Nina:

And one photo of both my boys playing together (Athos 8 years and a month, Best 6 years and 6 months).

And playful Athos:


10.3.2013 Happy news!

9.3.2013 was International dog show in Zagreb. Hugo Brugalski was entered and he did great!. He won first place in junior class with excellent note (3 males in his class) and later on he also won Junior BOB. So JW and JBOB for him! Hugo is a really wonderful male with nice colours, extremely strong bones, nice body structure, beautiful movement and nice tail! We are hoping for more success on shows. Here one photo of him, others on his site:

Another son of Athos was xrayed, Homer Brugalski. Results are fantastic: HD:A/A, ED:0/0, OCD free. Homer is also very succesfull on shows, he is alreay Junior champion of Slovenia. Congratulations to the owner Jana and Homer, we all hope for the new upcoming show successes.

Also Bramiti Balbina was xrayed with same, nice results: HD:A/A, ED:0/0, OCD free.

After almost year and a half new litter of Athos is on the way. It is repeated combination with bitch Nikky. Both parents are tipical representatives of the breed, completely healthy (both HD:A/A, ED:0/0). Their offsprings from first litter are healthy, tipical bernes, three of them are also xrayed (2x HD:A/A; ED:0/0, OCD free, 1 x HD:B/B). Puppies will grow in family environement, they will be socialized and checked by the vet. Litter is expected at 1.4.2013. For more info abour pedigree and parents HERE. For more informations about puppies please contact breeder Tina Furlan on furlan.tina@gmail.com.

Father and mother of upcoming litter:


19.1.2013 Fun time on the snow!

This winter is really generous with snow. Dogs just love it! There was a winter wonderland almost 3 weeks already. We had aproximatelly 40 cm of new snow. We went for long walks every day and Nina made some beautiful photos:

Besti Athos, almost 8 , and Best, 6 Best
Athos Athos Waiting for food!
Paris and Best Best We 3 :)
Athos and BeeBee Besti Play!!!
It feels good to scratch in the snow! Best Paris, BeeBee, Athos, Best, Taj


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