My life has always been in some way connected with animals. I spent most of my childhood at my grandpa's farm, where I truly had a great time with younger brother and 2 cousins. In year 1990 my parents decided to get a dog. At first we wanted a chow chow, but our Roni crossed our way. Me and my brother were walking home, when we saw a little fluffy puppy. Of course we took puppy home and we hoped we could keep him. We put a commercial on radio, that a male puppy was found, but no one answered. We decided to keep him and named him Roni. We spent next 18 years together. He was always a happy dog. He smiled when we went for a walk. He was never sick; after a serious atrtack of 3 large dogs he fully recovered.

In 2005, when Roni was already a veteran, we got bernese mountain dog Athos. Roni and Athos weren't best friends, they just tolerated each other. Atos is my first dog and is more then perfect. When Atos turned 2 and a half years, we had to say goodbye to Roni. Through night Roni was sick: evening before full of energy, but in the morning without balance, couldn't swallow and with lost look. Most likley it was a stroke. On october 19th 2007 he was put to sleep.

In the beginning of 2007 we got another bernese mountain dog - Best. More then 6 months we owned 3 dogs. Best attached to Atos a lot, but never on Roni.

In this moment we are enyoing our life with two halfbrothers Athos and Best. Miško and Bleki, cats, are their company. They get a long very well.

This is short about us. If you have any more questions, please contact me.


Urša Kos
Ižanska cesta 127

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cell phone: 00 386 (0)41 921 329