History of bernese mountain dog, that many distinguish as one of most beautiful dogs in the world and that is doubtlessly soo true, it is reaching far back in past. First ancestors of bernese mountain dog, started to occur betwen years 4000 and 1800 before our counting, on todays territory of Switzerland. We don't have exact data about roots of bernese mountain dog, because researches of today's modern time, disproved theses from past and data from past, that would reveal to us any more specific datas, but they unfortunatly weren't documented.

But we can definitely say, that berneses have roots in central Switzerland and that only these are reaching far back in past. Someones says that berneses had ancestors in breeds of mastiff type, that Romans drove them to Switzerland approximately 2000 years ago. They were using Romanesque dogs for protecting and pasture of herds of domestic animals, as sheep and cows, that they drove them with themselves.

Bernese mountain dog name was at first Dürrbachler. He got this name after location, where this beautiful three-colored dog accured often and developed, that location was small village called Dürrbach and homonymous hotel, in which they were selling and bought berneses. Small village Dürrbach was located near by Riggisberg on area of Bern.
The then berneses were versatile peasant dogs, that were protecting farm carefully, were accompanying cows on alpine meadows and from them back home, they dragged carts loaded with milk and they along cold evenings devotedly warmed legs to their owners.

Today's berneses have still in themselfs some primal instinct round traction, to guarding and other activities of the then Dürrbachler, only that intensity of these instincts from dog to dog distinguish and they aren't so prominent anymore.

In the end of 19th century berneses are almost become extinct. However Swiss cynologs to fortune realized, that extinction of breed would be a big mistake and loss for cynology.
These cynologs drove bernese mountain dog from lonely small villages to their native canton Bern and strated to introduce berneses to public and by this increase interest for this wonderfull breed.

Dürrbachler was introduced to public for the first time in year 1902 on the Swiss dog show in Ostermundigen, that was orginazed by the first cynologic club named Berna, that was founded in year 1899 and it had breeding committee, that supervised and engaged in breeding of breed dogs. Representatives of breed were introduced on dog shows also in years 1904 and 1907.

First berneses or at that time still Dürrbachlers were registered in years 1904 in Swizerland.
This were three males by names Ringgi, Prinz and Phylax, they have a company of female by name Belline.


Ringgi --------------------------------------------------- Belline

Which means, that breed is registered in Swiss pedigree book since 1904.
After seen on dog shows, in year 1907 some breeders from Brugdorf decitded, that they will devote to this beautiful breed and start to promote breeding of these wonderful dogs with foundation of club »Schweizerische Durrbach Club« and with designation of characheristics and standard of breed. Planned breeding of breed started like that.
Dürrbachler was developing and improved in Switzerland, but at the same time breed gained more and more sympathizers also in other countries.

-----------------------------------------------------------------International and World Champion - Alex v. Angstorf

Dog show in Lucerne was in year 1907, where breeders from Brugdorf drove their own dogs to show, where was judging prof.dr. Albert Heim (1849-1937) and he was big cynologic expert and specialist. After meeting with mighty three-colored beauty, prof.dr.Heim started to carefully to look into breed, that was new in cynology and certainly very interesting. All his finding about new breed, he published to newspaper of national cynologic club. With his work and extensive knolege he did a lot for breed bernese mountain dog.

In Burgdorf was in the same year in November founded club by name Swiss Dürrbach Club, with intetion, that breeding of  Dürrbachler would go on planed and professionally.

Club realized his intention more than successfully, because allready a year afterward on International dog show in Langenthaln at the same time on 25th anniversary of Swiss Cynologic Club, they introduced  21 represantatives of breed, which meant confirmation of bright and assured future for breed Dürrbachler or today's bernese mountain dog, beside all that breed assured her own place between confessed  breeds of world.
As well in year 1908, Dürrbach Club published standard of breed.

In year 1910 on dog show in Burgdorf there were already introduced 107 represantatives of breed Dürrbachler, which were droved by farmers from this region.

On initiative by prof.dr. Albert Heim in year 1912, the Dürrbachler Club, changed his name in Berner Shennenhund Club and name of breed Dürrbachler changed in bernese mountain dog (Berner Sennenhund), with intetion of adjustment of name with other Swiss breeds, which are: Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund, Appenzeller Sennenhund and Entlebucher Sennenhund.


Appenzellski planšarski pes
Veliki švicarski planšarski pes - Bernski planšarski pes
Entlebuški planšarski pes

Today's bernese mountain dog is very known and popular breed round whole world, because he is an excellent family dog, he is wonderfull on inside and on outside, at which breath stops to all dog lovers, and his soft and mild look softens every soul and character fully takes you over and addicts you.















Avtor: Tina Belc